• Spare parts  Bussi demagnetizers stand out for their reliability and duration. The spare are always available from our plant.
  • Fast consultancy Whatever your demagnetization requirements are, send us the technical details of your project, we will work out one or more demagnetization solutions for your production process.
  • Demagnetization test  Send your parts and samples to be demagnetized. To ensure the best quality and method of demagnetization we carry out free of charge in-depth demagnetization tests. The Customer can check with its measuring instruments whether the quality of demagnetization conforms with its standards.
  • Demagnetization service  Do you need to demagnetize a few lots of parts ? Contact us. We can demagnetize your parts at our facility.
  • System maintenance and overhaul  Contact us to overhaul your system or check with us the possibility of using an existing Bussi for new requirements.