Industrial demagnetizers and degaussing systems

Smagnetizzatori in linea inseriti in catene di trasferimento flessibili, serie “D-F”, “D-R”, “D-B” e simili Smagnetizzatori in linea e fuori linea con nastro trasportatore, serie “DU” Smagnetizzatori in linea, inseriti in processi automatizzati con robot/manipolatore Smagnetizzatori fuori linea e manuali per la smagnetizzazione dei pezzi singoli o posti all’interno di contenitori

Since 1969, BUSSI Demagnetizing Systems Company has specialised in the design and Construction of Electronic impulse DemagnetizersAC tunnel demagnetizers and plate demagnetizers.


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Bussi designs and develops Degaussing coilsDegaussing yokesIndustrial Degaussers and complete Demagnetizing machinesDegaussing units and systems. Depending by the application, BUSSI suggests systems with continuous Demagnetization technology or Pulse Demagnetization technology.

Thanks to a wide experience in solving Degaussing issues, the industrial demagnetizer range is extensive: in line demagnetizers (PDF sheet) or off line demagnetizers  (PDF sheet) , manual (PDF sheet) and automatic (PDF sheet) versions.

We formulate the most advantageous possible proposals for the Customer, evaluating the overall economy of the system, the quality of demagnetization, energy consumptionfunctionality and ease of use.


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Thanks to the special demagnetization coils constructions, out standing values are guaranteed in terms of residual magnetismlower energy consumption and limited magnetic retention.

Find out with us what the best demagnetization solution for your needs is. Provide us with the fundamental technical data: type of parts to be demagnetized, the transfer system, the production process and productivity. We will offer you standard Demagnetizing systems or Degaussers designed especially for you purposes.


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